New Studio Development

I am currently between studio spaces.  I was above the Adams County Arts Council. Then I decided to renovate the garage for my embroidery shop.  The garage also has a second floor loft in which I decided to renovate that into my new studio.  With a few yard sale and craigslist listings and a number of trips to the garbage, I clean out the loft.

I decided instead of putting up dry wall and boxing everything in, I would try to incorporate shelves between the studs to have in the wall shelves to try and utilize space.  I started by stapling up rafter vents against the roof and then insulate.  Then I will put up the dry wall, which will still box it in, but with the insulation against the roof on that side will provide a warm storage.


Now, I had to deal with the electric.  There were 3 outlets on the ceiling rafters which there were shop lights plugged into.  I took the shop lights and put them in the shop for additional lighting.  I have 5 ceiling lights from the old shop I will use for the studio.  But there wasn't any wall outlets.  So, I had to install some.  There is an old wall fan, the motor was burned out of it for years, I cut the electric cable going to that to use for the wall outlets since it was already there and had plenty of wiring.


Next I will put the insulation up on the walls with the outlets.  So stay tuned :)